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Those who know Michelle Carr in Arizona, across the Unites States from California to New York and her extensive background of more than 20 years experience in the hair replacement profession. People refer to her as MESHA. When people talk about the authority in hair replacement, many people defer to Mesha as one of the Icons. She is a Master stylist and former head trainer for one of the largest hair replacement companies on the planet. Mesha decided after many years of traveling across the United States she wanted to come home to Arizona to be with family. Mesha also had a strong desire to make hair replacement more affordable and accessible to the majority of people, not just the wealthy people with deep pockets. It was a dream of Mesha. She would cut out the middleman and the big corporation profits and save people 50% or more on their hair replacement expense. Mesha did not stop there, she has also improved the quality of the systems, the cost is less and the personalized service she provides is like her clients are family. There is a huge difference, her work is truly undetectable!! Mesha hair techniques are futuristic. The hair system and the stylist you choose will make a difference. She always suggests a free private consultation. She has always said, “ I just want to help people.” “I want to make a beautiful world one head of hair at a time.” This is Mesha!